Our Members

Our outfit comes to the table every second Tuesday of
January, April, July, and October at a designated location. Show-up
time is 7:00 p.m. Potential Soldiers are welcome to attend, but need
to contact a MAFIA member for the meeting place each month.

BORGATA (Family)

The Boss (President)

Terri Williams   

The Underboss (Vice-President)

Tami Youmans

The Bank (Secretary/Treasurer)


The Soldati (Board Members)

Joey Beckham

Janet Davis

Ruth Williams

The Dropper (Adoption/Volunteer Coordinator)

Terri Williams

The Earner (Fundraising/Social Media)

Tami Youmans

A Friend of Ours (Web Designer)

Michael Cotton

Our Volunteers

Cindy Morgan

As you can see we have a very small number of members taking care of a large number of pets.  There are more pets in need of help than we can assist.  If you would like to make a difference in the world of homeless pets, please consider joining us.   


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