Spyder was a tuxedo cat born in 2003, one of three small kittens turned in to Fairfield Animal Shelter in a shoebox which was duct-taped shut. We soon found homes for her two sibs, but she remained in our care, waiting for her permanent home. In 2008 she was diagnosed with Lymphoma. While we treated her Lymphoma successfully with chemotherapy, early in the process Feline Leukemia surfaced. Her days were cut short by the Leukemia, and we lost Spyder on May 21, 2008. This Memorial Page is named in honor and memory of Spyder and all the other pets we have adopted out when we are notified that they have crossed Rainbow Bridge. A hand-made spider in the pet's color(s) is sent to the adoptive parents, which serves as a sun catcher, Christmas Tree Ornament, or just a gentle reminder of our gratitude toward their kind deed of adopting a pet in need.

Pet's Last Will and Testament

Dedicated to all the pets that touched our lives during their time on earth

Spyder 2003-2008

Peanut Butter 2006-2010

Jasper 2006-2011

Maggie 2002-2012

Jethro 2004-2009

Mia 2006-2015

Tito 2005-2013

Hildie 2007-2016

Jake 2004-2016

Odie 2005-2015

Camille 2005-2016

Samantha 2005-2016

Kohl 2007-2016

Charlie 2009-2016

Diego 2007-2017

Bandit 2001-2017

Dottie 2006-2017

Tessa 2005-2017

Coco 2002-2017

Brandi 2005-2017

Brody 2005-2018

Brandy 2006-2018

Nichols 2007-2018

Morgan 2007-2018

Emma 2007-2018

Micah 2006-2018

Chloe 2004-2019

Brandi 2002-2019

Heather 2006-2019

Marble 2012-2019

Shotsey 2004-2019

Latti 2006-2019 (Link to Latti's story)

Teresa 2005-2019

Quincy 2007-2020

Brenden 2006-2020

CC 2006-2020

Red 2006-2020

Hope 2009-2021

Bubba 2007-2021


To update your animal's story please email or call us so we can share your pet's story.

Fido (dog) 2006-2008

Mama Cat (feline) 2002-2009

Lucky (feline) 2007-2009

Tiki (feline) 2006-2010

Lakota (dog) 2006-2011

Arden (feline) 2005-2011

Maggie (feline) 2000-2012

Bailey (dog) 2003-2012

Buster (dog) 2003-2013

Big Jake (dog) 2003-2016





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