We were sooo blessed to get Cheyenne at four years old, she came to live with our family and stayed with us through thick and thin until into her 17th year! Such a loving and supportive friend was she! She adopted us at the same time we adopted her. She always made it her mission to know where we were though she was a little skittish in regard to men. She would follow me throughout the house and outside moving from place to place as I did. She was very protective and a beautiful dog inside and out. Her coat a beautiful multicolor of white, brown, black and tan with the white fur the softest I have ever felt. To look at her you can see her Australian Shepherd background, with poodle mixed in.

She truly enjoyed running in the back yard and under and around the deck, with me pretending to chase her. Though I am the only one left in her household, she will be sooo missed and never forgotten! Two years ago Chey was declining rapidly, but the Lord interceded and she rebounded quickly, giving us more time together.

I feel blessed by the Lord to have had her in my life!

Chey’s person and companion





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